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Officials Tour Spill Area, Criticize BP’s Response

HOUSTON CHRONICLE - April 30, 2010 WASHINGTON — As oil began... Dr. Erica Miller, with Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research, treats a Northern Gannet bird, covered in oil from the massive spill. (AP)

Empty Skies Proved That Airports Cause Pollution, say Researchers

By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor and Phil Boucher - the Independent - Thurs. 22 April'10 Scientists have used... British Airways planes parked at Heathrow.

Big Oil Fought Off New Safety Rules Before Rig Explosion

Marcus Baram - As families mourn...

New Peril in Oilpatch

by Frances Russell - Winnipeg Free Press - Apr 21 - '10 The Alberta oilpatch recently took two more giant steps toward...

GM Crops Go to US High Court

Environmental Laws on the Line Matthew Berger - WASHINGTON, 26 Apr (IPS) The U.S. Supreme Court will...

Ocean Acidification Quickly Worsening

ScienceDaily (Apr. 23, 2010) — The changing chemistry of the world's...

News Release: Manitoba Supports Sustainable Agriculture Practices says Struthers ...

Manitoba News Release ............................................................ April 22, 2010 - - - Over 180 Projects Approved For 2009-10 and 2010-11 The Manitoba Sustainable Agriculture Practices Program (MSAPP) has completed its first intake of applications for beneficial management practice (BMP) incentive funding for the 2010-11 fiscal year, Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives Minister Stan Struthers announced today. "The MSAPP is a incentive-based program announced by the province in 2008 to encourage producers to adopt and implement BMPs to help reduce greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to climate change," said Struthers "The MSAPP is part of our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2012 to help achieve its climate change objectives and transition to a low-carbon and green economy." To date, over 180 sustainable agriculture projects have been approved with Manitoba producers eligible for payments of over $2 mill

World Will Completely Miss 2010 Biodiversity Target

John Mulrow | Apr 22, 2010 - Worldwatch Institute Species classified by...

Jury Tells Bayer to Pay Ark. Rice Farmers $48M

TOM PARSONS - Source: AP News - Apr 15, 2010 Jury awards Ark. farmers $48M in lawsuit...

Bolivian President Blames Capitalism for Global Warming

COCHABAMBA, Bolivia, April 20, 2010 (ENS) Bolivian President Evo Morales said capitalism is to... Pres. Morales - (Photo courtesy ABI)

Texas Water Wars

By Billie Greenwood - Allvoices - Fort Stockton : TX : USA - Apr 20, 2010 “Right of Capture” sparks new battle over endangered Rio Grande...

Shacks May be Iced

By: Sean Ledwich - Wpg. Free Press - 20/04/2010 St. Clements seeks ban after fishers leave 'pigsty'... EDITOR'S NOTE: Our assault on Mother Earth goes well beyond the climate change we are causing with our greenhouse gas emissions. Scandalous! l.p.

Trade deal to eliminate right to save seeds?

Canadian Biotechnology Action Network - Apr. 19 - 2010 Trade deal to eliminate right to save seeds? MEDIA RELEASE – For Immediate Release April 19, 2010 Trade Justice Network releases secret draft of Canada-European Union free trade agreement, makes demands of Canadian and European governments Ottawa, April 19 – As the third round of Canada-European Union free trade negotiations commence the newly formed Trade Justice Network today publicly released the draft text of the proposed Canada-European Union Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) – the most significant bilateral trade negotiation since the NAFTA. The network is raising serious concerns about the agreement’s potential impact on public and environmental policy, and public services in both Canada and Europe, among other issues, and has outlined a set of demands that must be met before negotiations are allowed to continue. Controversial provisions in the draft text would open Canada’s telecommunications sector to full foreign owne

Critics of GM Crops Vindicated Over Time

by Laura Rance - Winnipeg Free Press - Apr. 17-2010 A GM canola field in Manitoba. l.p. photo Multinationals control seed supply...

NASA Sees Rapid Spread in Greenland Ice Loss

A new international study finds that ice... ===== EDITOR'S NOTE: Look at the surveillance photos on this site and see what you think. Has NASA been "photo-shopping" again? I DOUBT IT! This is real, folks! l.p.

First Nations Take Oil Sands to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada has...

News Release Bill C-474

Dear Friend, Thank you very much for your support of my Private Members Bill (PMB), C-474 - An Act respecting seeds regulations (analysis of potential harm). I have taken the liberty of providing you with my news release on this issue. Sincerely, Alex Atamanenko, MP BC Southern Interior NDP Agriculture critic FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE APRIL 15, 2010 HISTORIC NDP GMO Bill PASSES CRUCIAL VOTE Law would protect farmers by ensuring export markets are considered before GMO approval OTTAWA – A private members bill to protect farmers by calling for an analysis of potential harm to export markets prior to approving new genetically engineered seeds has passed second reading in the House of Commons. Bill C-474, proposed by New Democrat Agriculture Critic Alex Atamanenko (BC-Southern Interior), will move to committee for further study. “Despite intense lobbying efforts by the biotech industry and the Conservative g

World's 4th Largest Lake is Now 90% Dried Up

Brian Merchant, Brooklyn, NY Apr 5 2010 - treehugger Photo by Yes magazine

UPDATE: Coal-Carrying Ship Wrecked on Barrier Reef Will Take Weeks to Remove

EDITOR'S NOTE: The captain is apparently grumbling about having to feed clean-up crews! Poor baby! They need to throw the book at this bozo! l.p.

Commercial Fishing Estimated to Kill Millions of Sea Turtles

ScienceDaily (Apr. 6, 2010) — The number of sea turtles inadvertently...

Backlash Against Peak no Small Potatoes

By: Laura Rance - Winnipeg Free Press - 10/04/2010 If there is one conclusion that can be drawn from the ongoing spat...

Another Strike Against Ethanol - Maybe it Will be "Out" Soon!

Manitoba Please also read; "Bursting the Ethanol Bubble"

Tar Sands Operations Killing More Than Ducks

Shared by: F. Los on April 9, 2010 - Edmonton - An information request has forced the Alberta government…. A flock of Canada Geese over open pit mining operations. There's considerable debate whether wildlife is effectively being kept separate from the mining operations & ponds of toxic water.

Canada's Hemp Acres on the Rise

Phil Franz-Warkentin - 4/7/2010 Corrected, April 7 (Resource News International) Canadian farmers are... Manitoba hemp crop. l.p. photo Please also read "Save the Earth. Time to Substitute Hemp for Oil."

Manitoba Supports First-of-its-Kind Hemp Processing Plant in Gilbert Plains: Struthers

Gov't. of Manitoba April 6, 2010 GILBERT PLAINS—The Province of Manitoba is providing $500,000 to Plains Industrial Hemp Processing in support of a new, innovative project designed to process hemp, Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives Minister Stan Struthers announced here today. A Manitoba hemp crop. l.p. photo "The Province of Manitoba is committed to funding innovative agricultural initiatives and projects," said Struthers. "This hemp processing project is a first of its kind in Canada and we are proud that it will be located here in Manitoba." Plains Industrial Hemp Processing currently manufactures several hemp-based products such as hemp pellets, animal bedding and insulation. "Once Plains Industrial Hemp Processing builds its new hemp fibre processing plant, it will have the capacity to process up to 18,000 metric tonnes of hemp per year," said Struthers. "Not only will this create jobs for local residents but it will g

Our Obsession With Stuff Is Trashing the Planet, Our Communities and Our Health

Free Press, Simon & Schuster / By Annie Leonard / Apr 4 - '10 A dump in Alaska. National Geographic.

The White House Egg Roll v. Gulag Ag

CounterPunch Diary - By ALEXANDER COCKBURN - Apr 4 '10 Editor's note: More death by fire at a factory farm. l.p.

Grounded Ship: 3km Oil Spill on Great Barrier Reef

The Sydney Morning Herald - MARISSA CALLIGEROS - Ap 4 '10 Editor's note: The slow death of our planet continues. l.p.

Coal-Fired Plants Gulp 1.5 Trillion Gallons of Water and We're Left to Drink the Dirty Backwash

AlterNet / By Jeff Biggers In many respects, some folks might use more water flicking on their lights, than chugging...

Raw Sewage May Hit Rivers, Winnipeg Warns

By: Staff Writer - 4/04/201 - Winnipeg Free Press Swollen river levels coupled with some moderate precipitation have led to a high…

Renewable Energy Catches on in Red America

Amanda Friedman - OnEarth Fe 28 - '10 Kern County, California, went Republican by….

A Global Flood of Sewage the Focus of World Water Day

Tasha Eichenseher in Nairobi, Kenya - National Geographic News - Mar. 22 '10 Two billion tons of...

New Regulations Will Put an End to Mountaintop Mining

Suzanne Goldenberg Thursday 1 April 2010 Obama administration proposals will make...