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Behind Mass Die-Offs,
Pesticides Lurk as Culprit

07 Jan 2010: environment 360 In the past dozen years, three new...

Pesticides Worsening the Honey Bee Crisis

Shared by: F. Los on January 7, 2010 Ottawa - Sierra Club Canada is calling on the Canadian Government… ========== Editor's note: Were they listening? On Dec. 30-'09, I sent the message below to the Sierra Club. Today, they issue a release, calling for action! While it may not be the kind of action I had asked for, you won't hear me complaining. An immovable object like our federal government needs all the persuasion which can be mustered from any and all quarters! Yaaaaay Sierra! l.p. From: Larry Powell ... View Contact To: Green Peace ; Greenpeace ; Greenpeace International ; Prairie Sierra Club ; Sierra Club ; Sierra Club ... more Dear Greenpeace/Sierra Club, I am passing on the news release, below. Might there be a chance for a similar lawsuit in Canada to succeed? I know that groups such as Eco-Justice and Environmental Defense sometimes take on such things, on behalf of groups such as yours. Many thanks for your considerat

Pesticides Loom Large in Animal Die-Offs

"better dying through chemistry" 7 Jan 2010 - by Tom Laskawy - Grist Please also read - Plight of the Humble Bee and Poisoning Nature's Pollinators. photo courtesy Natural Resources Defense Council Editor's comment - To corrupt and heartless (are there any other kind?) pesticide regulators everywhere - I hope you can sleep at night. Instead of doing the decent, honourable thing by protecting our precious planet and the creatures in it, you have lost your souls up the asses of the corporations who make these god-damndable poisons and, instead of doing the honest jobs you get paid by the people to do, you are letting the Bayers and Monsantos of the world get away with their dirty work. You belong in jail! l.p.

Standing the Precautionary Principle on its Head

  by Larry Powell      It was a fateful decision.      One year ago tomorrow, Stan Struthers, who was then Manitoba's Minister of Conservation, said "yes" to a request from Louisiana Pacific Canada Ltd (LP).      As a cost-cutting measure, the corporation wanted to permanently do away with devices called regenerative thermal oxidizers, or RTOs, which have helped control toxic emissions from its plant at Minitonas since it opened in the mid '90s.      The plant makes "oriented strand board," a type of sheeting used in house construction. It is made from hardwood trees the corporation harvests over a wide area of western Manitoba, including the Duck Mountains.      That permission from the government, first said to be temporary, set in motion a series of events which has now dragged on for a full year. Yet the central question, should the equipment be shut-down permanently or put back online, has yet to be answered. "Evening in Duck Mountains."

Farmer Suicides and Bt Cotton Nightmare Unfolding in India

Institute of Science In Society Report 06/01/10 ############################################## The largest wave of farmer suicides and ecological nightmare unfolding around Bt cotton Dr. Mae-Wan Ho exposes the “fudged” data and false claims of ‘successes’ that have perpetrated the humanitarian disaster The Bt cotton killing fields As the cotton growing season drew to a close in the state of Andhra Pradesh, farmer suicides once again became almost daily occurrences. Officially, the total number of suicides within a six-week period between July and August 2009 stood at 15, but opposition parties and farmers’ groups said the true total was more than 150 [1]. Opposition leader N. Chandrababu claimed in a speech that he had the names and addresses of 165 farmers who ended their lives because of the distress caused by the drought. By November, similar reports were coming from another cotton growing state Maharashtra. Farmers of Katpur village in Amravati district sowed Bt cotton four years

Make it Your New Year's Resolution to Offer More Support for Organic and Sustainable Food and Farming in Manitoba!!

Greetings and Happy New Year from all of us at the Organic Food Council of Manitoba! garden photo by l.p. 2009 was an extremely busy and exciting year for the Organic Food Council of MB (OFCM-COG), as well as for the organic sector in Manitoba and across Canada. THANK YOU! for your ongoing support and interest in OFCM-COG and our programs: Growing Up Organic (GUO) and Manitoba Farm Mentorship (MFM) . Here's a sampling of what's new at OFCM-COG: Access GUO resources for child care facilities or join us at our Food For Their Thought info session on February 9. Find a farm mentor through MFM or attend one of our upcoming farmer workshops being held January through March. Check our our freshly updated calendar of events . We simply cannot do what we do without the support of our members, program participants, and sponsors, and all of the champions of Manitoba's sustainable food and farming movement - YOU! Please continue to off

Triffids return to British TV

MB Co-Operator - John Morriss - 12/30/2009 As Canadian government and industry officials try to geet the GM flax variety.... Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Consumers Choose Locally Grown and Environmentally Friendly Apples

ScienceDaily (Dec. 31, 2009) When asked to compare...

Green Conservatism

Shared by: F. Los (the Green Pages) on Dec. 30 '09 I always read Lorne Gunter's column, although I almost never....