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Study at Manitoba's Netley-Libau Marsh Pilot Project to Find Ways of Keeping Pollutants Out of Lake Winnipeg

Manitoba News Release - November 30, 2010 ======= Action Also Aimed at Reducing Greenhouse-gas Emissions: Selinger A unique pilot project at Netley-Libau Marsh, supported by $150,000 in provincial funding, will explore ways of preventing pollutants from getting into Lake Winnipeg while at the same time reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, Lk. Wpg. Greenpeace Photo Premier Greg Selinger announced today. "In partnership with the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the University of Manitoba, we are announcing funding to support the further development of a green,  bio-energy project which builds on actions we have already taken," said Selinger. "This is a made-in-Manitoba solution to help Lake Winnipeg by keeping pollutants out, while at the same time providing a green solution to offset coal use." The project will see the harvest of about 200 hectares of marsh grasses.  Research has shown that pollutants, such as phosphorus, are stored

300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds (Video)

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The UK Government has Abandoned its Sustainable Homes Policy - by Redefining Zero.

George Monbiot - the Guardian - Nov 26 '10 What does zero look like to you? Is it: ====== Still more large "conventional" homes go up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA with little thought given to their sustainability.  l.p. photos 

Man Invents Machine to Convert Plastic Into Oil!

Please check out this interesting video here!

An ‘In Memoriam’ Ad For Murdered Mexican Anti-Mining Activist Refused by Calgary Herald

November 26, 2010 - The Council of Canadians Please also read:  Blackfire mine shut down over environmental concerns  EDITOR'S NOTE: It's stories like this which remind me of one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. Disgusting, rotten things go on in this world which too many mass media, including those in my own country, are too cowardly to even shine a light on. But the cowardice isn't limited to the media.  A bill in the House of Commons, designed to clamp down on Canadian-based mining companies who commit acts abroad similar to this one, was recently defeated. Some Honourable Members, representing mining constituencies, apparently afraid they would offend their voters if they supported it, stayed away when the vote was taken! Such courage! Such principle! l.p.

Put a CAPP on Tar Sands Greenwashing

Mike Hudema - Greenpeace - November 23, 2010 Faced with the grim realities of...

World Hunger and Obesity Both Trend Upwards. Aljazeera Tries to Make Sense of it All in This Video.

You Did It! Success on Alberta Parks

Earlier this week, we let you know about a proposed new Alberta's Parks Act that would have set a dangerous precedent for provincial parks.  You wrote in, and Cindy Ady, Alberta's Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation listened -- she is withdrawing the legislation . Public opposition was key to the decision, said the Minister: “What I have heard throughout debate on Bill 29 is that people are passionate about parks, and I respect that passion”. THANK YOU for writing! Your letters made the difference. While we celebrate this victory, there's still work to do – Alberta intends to introduce new legislation in the spring, after public consultation. CPAWS will continue to push for legislation that puts the ecological integrity of parks first. Here's what you can do now: Thank the Minister -- write a quick note Donate to CPAWS CPAWS has worked relentlessly against Bill 29 since it was introduced on November 4th.  We’ll continue to speak out for the protecti

Human Appetite for Earth's Resources Continues Apace

Gary Gardner | Nov 18, 2010 / Worldwatch Institute Global use of materials—

UN Issues Severe Climate Warning Ahead of Summit

By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor - THE INDEPENDENT - Nov 24-'10 The world is now firmly on the path for dangerous...

New Study Claims FDA Review of GM Salmon Is Incomplete

24 No 10 - Truthout - Mike Ludwig Nov 24 '10 The process used by... 

Manitoba Turkey-Breeding Operation Tests Positive For Strain Of Bird Flu

Manitoba News Release - November 24, 2010 ............................................................ Consumption of Properly Prepared Turkey Products Remains Safe Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) is working with federal officials of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) at a quarantined turkey-breeding operation in Manitoba. Manitoba has a comprehensive federal-provincial-producer plan to respond to avian influenza and the plan is being implemented. ·     Some Manitoba turkeys have tested positive for an H5 strain of bird flu. There is no evidence this is the Asian strain of H5N1 influenza and it is considered highly unlikely it will be. There is no indication of any human illness. ·     The Canadian Food Inspection Agency will lead the response to this situation. Veterinarians and other specialized staff from MAFRI are working closely with CFIA and assisting with the response. ·     Workers at the breeding operation are being contacted and offered

Roundup-Resistant Ragweed Spread Tracked in Ontario

Manitoba Co-operator - Staff - Nov 1-2010 Rendering by Paul Hoppe. Giant ragweed resistant to glyphosate...

University of Manitoba Becomes Home to "One of the Worst Corporate Citizens on the Planet:" U of M Student

Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN). Nov 23 - '10 Protestors were on hand this morning for the official opening of the Monsanto Canada’s new $12 million Canola Breeding Centre at at the University of Manitoba. One student,  Alon Weinberg, says there is little to celebrate with the opening. In his words, "Monsanto’s operations poison the environment with chemicals, steal from farmers their age-old right to save seeds and threaten biodiversity by proliferating genetically engineered crops." Is GMO canola out of control in Canada?   Check out the PDF here, produced by the CBAN.

National Conservation Group Slams Proposed Alberta Parks Act for "Setting the Clock Back 40 Years"

No. 22 '10 Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society Calgary -- The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society’s national board of trustees is voicing outrage... EDITOR'S NOTE: In response to CPAW's request, I wrote a letter to Alberta's elected officials which is reproduced, directly below. After that, you will see a response from an Opposition member in Alberta. l.p. ===== Dear Mr. Chase, Having lived in Calgary for 10 years, I had the opportunity to visit many of your beautiful parks. I would plead with you to take pity on their vulnerability and err on the side of conservation, not   exploitation. I plead with you, please withdraw this Parks Act Bill! Sincerely, Larry Powell ======= Dear Larry, Thank you very much for speaking out about Bill 29. With your permission, Mr. Chase would like to table your letter in the Legislature as being opposed to Bill 29 and your email will become part of the permanent record of the Legislature.  I look fo

Air Pollution in Chinese Capital Called "Crazy Bad!" Diplomatic Blunder or Some Frank Honesty? No 22 - '10 An unexpected phrase in US embassy's hourly pollution tweet for Beijing, gives its followers cause for amusement and concern.

Climate Change and Disease Will Spark New Food Crisis, says UN

By Sean O'Grady, THE INDEPENDENT 18 Nov '10 A food crisis could overtake the world in 2011... An ethanol plant in Manitoba, converting food into fuel, with the help of government subsidies.

Poll Suggests Harper Government Out of Step With Canadians

Council of Canadians - Nov. 22 - '10

Unavoidable Climate Change: We've Passed the Point of No Return

 AlterNet / By Peter Gleick - Nov 20 '10 How bad it gets depends on how much longer we fail to act.                             

Are Hypocrites and Opportunists Taking Over Our Lives?

Dear Editor,   When a hollow m an like Jim Prentice can don a phony cloak of "green," take on a sacred trust as this nation's "Minister of the Environment," then hightail it off to a cushy job with "CIBC" (which is helping to bankroll the Alberta tar sands, the world's dirtiest energy project), be afraid. Be very afraid.   Jim Prentice, Climate Criminal    Dead ducks in an Albrta tar pit. (Vancouver Sun photo) As Prentice skulks off into the night with visions of money bags dancing in his head, he gets a pat on the back from Stephen Harper and a free pass from a polite media. Fish caught near tarpits - Jason Franson CP Preoccupied with political "process," "strategy" and "positioning," news outlets obviously no longer believe they have any duty to actually hold the ethical behaviour of our leaders up to any kind of public scrutiny. That would just be wrong! Instead, they pontificate on how the balance in t

Layton Blasts Senators for Killing Green Bill

Winnipeg Free Press - By: Mike De Souza - 18/11/2010 Scrapped without Senate hearings, debate... =========== TAKE ACTION: Tell MPs and the Prime Minister to respect democracy and heed the will of Canadians Stephen Harper has done what he promised not... ========== LETTERS; Dear Editor: Re Unelected Tory senators kill climate bill passed by House , Gloria Galloway, Nov.17/2010 I am so shocked and ashamed, and disappointed by this callous political act, once again. This action by the Tory dominated Senate is the straw that broke the camel's back. The senators were undoubtedly following orders from the Tory leader who appointed them, even though he campaigned against such underhanded and devious tactics. Harper holds tyrannical control of his party, and the government whenever he can, and wields it in a condescending and undemocratic manner. Little by little he has eroded Canada's democratic government. But we Canadians just stand back and let him do it. Sometimes I w