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Orca 'apocalypse': half of killer whales doomed to die from pollution

Busted! A citizens' group exposes an illegal hog operation in southwestern Manitoba. (An illustrated text version.)

For the First Time, Scientists Prove Human Activity Is the Top Cause of Warming Antarctic Waters...

Busted! Citizens' group exposes Illegal hog operation in Manitoba. Few consequences likely for barn owner.(Video)

For years, the main culprit in bee decline has been the "neonics," a family of insecticides. Now, another suspect has been added to the list - an herbicide - Roundup!

Florence Flooding Kills 5,500 Pigs, 3.4 Million Chickens in the Carolinas

World's Largest River Floods Five Times More Often Than It Used to

Million$ more in government help for Manitoba's high-maintenance hog sector.

A call to protect much more land and sea from human encroachment

"You ain't seen nothing yet!" Environmentalists fear Hurricane Florence will again flood Carolinas' many livestock operations, bringing catastrophic pollution.

New report: over half the world's raptors have declining populations

Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit.

Global hunger continues to rise, new UN report says

A Season of Smoke

ASF - a deadly hog disease - has now been confirmed on Romania’s largest pig farm: 140,000 pigs culled

Wildfires make their own weather, and that matters for fire management

No record yields for potatoes on the Canadian Prairies this year!

One of the biggest tsunamis ever recorded was set off three years ago by a melting glacier

Drug-resistant microbes could threaten future global economy, low income countries in particular

Worries Deepen That Another Deadly Hog Disease May Arrive in Canada

'It’s not if, it’s when': the deadly pig disease spreading around the world

Gulf of Mexico ‘dead zone’ is the largest ever measured