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Turbulent times ahead for air travel?

THE ROYAL SOCIETY Scientists are now discovering that climate change and air travel could be having huge impacts on each other. Story here. PinP photo.

Canada's Transportation Safety Board (TSB) Warns, Dangerous Crude Could Still Travel in Misclassified Tank Cars

THE GLOBE AND MAIL The TSB is raising concerns that dangerous crude oil could still be travelling by rail inside misclassified tank cars, despite assurances from the federal government that the problem has been fixed. STORY HERE.

Lac-Mégantic, Canada: Transportation Safety Board (TSB) says no Single Factor to Blame for Derailment

CBC News TSB report made public more than a year after deadly train accident in Quebec. Details here. Please also read; "Have Our Servants Become Our Masters?"

Have Western Farmers Been Sacrificed For Big Oil?

Council of Canadians Oil pipe awaiting allocation on the CN line in Manitoba. PLT photo. Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow Tweeted these questions this week. "Were western farmers sacrificed so that Big Oil could take over the trains? Is that why Harper killed the Wheat Board?" Details here.

Farm Groups on the Canadian Prairies Want Ottawa to Penalize Railways for Grain Shipment Backlog

Winnipeg Free Press Prairie farm groups frustrated by delays in shipping grain this fall want the federal government to do more to penalize rail companies that don't deliver crops in a timely way. Details here. Surplus grain stored on  a  Manitoba  field. PLT stock photo.

Via Rail Passengers Stranded Near Unity, Sask. (& Video)

CBC SK:  Whiteout conditions are said to have contributed to the stranding of more than 150 people near Unity, SK since early yesterday. Details here. A wintry view from the train. Winnipeg to Toronto in Feb.'13. A PLT video. Please also read:  "Climate Change and the CNR. -  Are the two already on a collision course, with train travellers caught in the middle?"

The Good Green Blimp

by Staff, Utne Reader - Mar'11   Air cargo is about to go steampunk. Read more here.   Illustration: Science Applications  International Corp. PUBLISHER'S COMMENT: Might this be considered for transporting goods to northern Manitoba communities, now that climate change is rendering surface transport on ice roads unreliable? l.p.

Why Public Transportation is Good for Kids

by Carla Saulter - 1 Nov 2010 - Grist "The myth that good parenting means ferrying one's children in the car...