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EU Considers Easing Environmental Standards for Fuel

BY MIKE DE SOUZA, CANWEST NEWS SERVICE Mar 24 '10 OTTAWA — The European Union is considering weakening... AB tarpond, courtesy of Beautiful Destruction

Greenpeace Says Climate Denialism a 20–Year Industry

by Stacy Feldman - Mar 24th, 2010 - Current efforts to deny climate science are part of an...

Rhode Island Flooding

THE HUFFINGTON POST - March 30 '10 Worst in a hundred years. Editor's note" Just another "natural cycle," right? l.p. Courtesy; The Huffington Post.

Pollution from Asia Circles Globe at Stratospheric Heights

ScienceDaily (Mar. 26, 2010) — The economic growth across much of Asia comes with a troubling...

More Economical Process for Making Ethanol from Nonfood Sources

ScienceDaily (Mar. 26, 2010) — Scientists in Wisconsin...

10 Ways Mother Earth Will Bite Back

AlterNet / By Scott Thill ...if we don't stop our wanton destruction of the environment..

Up With the Greens!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I found the comment, below, from an anonymous US Green, posted following the Alternet article, "10 Ways Mother Earth Will Bite Back..." l.p. ===== There is only one sure way to begin the fight against global warming … by having a political party that’s committed to it … that is the Green Party … All we hear out of both the Republicans and Democrats is growth, growth, growth … which means of course the growth of environmental destruction, the growth of pollution and the growth of earth’s population … Both the Democrats and Republicans are the leading promoters of our environmental destruction. The Republicans make no bones abut it, they deny global warming. The Democrats want to turn it into a Wall Street Market called ”cap and trade” to derive profits from. The only real answer is a carbon tax but since it would hurt Republican companies such as Oil and Coal and would deprive Democrats of another Wall Street Scam. Don’t be fooled by the ”green

Harper Muzzles Climate Researchers

Climate Action Network Canada - March 15, 2010 New report details government actions that undermine... A machine breaks up ice on the Red River to prevent flooding. Climate change is bringing more severe weather events, including ice-jams & flooding. As these events increase, news coverage of the link between the two, sadly, decreases! (CBC photo.)

Lorne Gunther: Denial (and Dumb Analogies) "R Us" - Richard Littlemore - 9 March 2010 Peter Sinclair - Climate Crock of the Week

Non-Renewable Phosphorus Both a Curse and a Necessity

Wpeg. Free Press - Laura Rance - Mar.20-2010 We Canadians like to think of ourselves as... An algae-clogged river in Manitoba.

Polluted Water More Deadly Than War

IPS News / By Thalif Deen/Alternet Some 3.6 million people... Courtesy of Alternet

High Levels of Mercury Found in Ontario's Cataraqui River

ScienceDaily (Mar. 17, 2010) The Great Marsh on the Cataraqui

Oil Barons Spend Millions on Groups who Attack Climate Change Science

Why Aren’t Climate Scientists Talking About Healthcare Reform?

grist. a beacon in the smog Mar.19 - 2010 Climate change is way bad for our health. So...

UN Wildlife Body Rejects Bluefin Trade Ban

AFP Mar 18-2010 Editor's note: Once again, our leaders do the wrong thing.... l.p.

EU to tackle CO2 loopholes

Reuters -Pete Harrison - BRUSSELS-Mon. Mar 8, 2010 Far from preventing greenhouse gas buildups, the loopholes may well mean higher levels....!

Wild River Dance

Feel absolutely exuberant about protecting our wild rivers? This video is for you! Check it out!

Ontario's Major Bee Losses Blamed on Mites

Staff - MB Co-Operator - 3/10/2010 Unexpectedly high overwintering...

SPECIAL INVITATION Join a Global Conversation

Dear Friend, On March 25 , State of the Planet 2010 will bring together the world's most influential and innovative thinkers and leaders in a wide range of fields—from many academic disciplines to media, government, policy and business spheres—to tackle critical issues facing the world. This year’s conference is the result of a partnership between the Earth Institute, The Economist and Ericsson. State of the Planet 2010 will focus on four important challenges: climate change, poverty, economic recovery and international systems. Speakers will include President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa of Mexico; UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon ; Jeffrey D. Sachs , director of the Earth Institute; Matthew Bishop , American business editor and New York bureau chief at The Economist ; and Hans Vestberg , president and CEO of Ericsson. Around the world, people will be able to particip

Tap Water Contaminant 'Castrates' Frogs

By Liz Szabo, USA TODAY - Mar 1 - 2010

Exposed: Chevron's Cover-up of Gross Environmental Abuses in Ecuador

AlterNet / By Cameron Scott - Mar 8 2010 Chevron claims it's not...

Melting Arctic Could Cost $2.4 Trillion by 2050 - Report

Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada - 02/05/2010 The Pew Environment Group today released a report that...

Primates on Brink of Extinction

National Geographic - A recent report, Primates in Peril: The World's 25 most Endangered Primates 2008-2010, shows staggering estimates that half of all primate species in the world are...

Facing Threat of Empty Oceans

Winnipeg Free Press - By: Gwynne Dyer - 10/03/2010 Everybody in the business knows that the Atlantic population of bluefin... 900 lb Bluefin

Fresh Evidence Global Warming is Man-Made

John von Radowitz - The Scotland Herald - 4 Mar 2010 Climate scientists hit back... EDITOR'S NOTE: Might there soon be too many "brushfires" like these for even our shrill gang of climate-deniers to put out? I certainly hope so! l.p. Crabeater seals. Courtesy of Coolantarctica

Monsanto to Enforce Bt Corn Refuge Rules

MB Co-Operator -Staff - 3/2/2010 Monsanto Canada plans to give corn growers one warning... EDITOR'S NOTE: As far as I'm concerned, farmers who accept this kind of bullshit deserve everything they get! l.p.

Our Brave New World of Globalization - Food and Water Drive an African Land Grab

John Vidal - - the Observer - 7 Mar. 201 An Observer investigation reveals... Inside a greenhouse at a Saudi-financed farm in Ethiopia. Courtesy of EDITOR'S NOTE: Governments and corporate land-grabbers are spreading like a cancer around the world. Please also read here.

A Somber "Global Warning" for Manitoba

by Larry Powell An environmental think-tank is warning that Manitoba faces more frequent and severe droughts and floods, due to climate change. The Winnipeg-based International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), singles out Lake Winnipeg, already besieged by a number of environmental problems, as being particularly vulnerable to further damage as a result of these changes. Lk. Winnipeg photo - Greenpeace It's believed to be the first time such a research group has so clearly spelled out a link between global warming and such obvious consequences as the massive and frequent flooding which has occurred on the Red River over the past century or so. The Institute has done what it calls "a prairie-wide cumulative stress analysis" of prairie water resources. It finds a significant part of southern Manitoba, including much of the Red River Valley, suffers from a high demand for water, a high risk of damage to water quality and, despite the catastr

Foodborne Illness Costs US $152 Billion Annually: Study

March 3, 2010 by Reuters - by Christopher Doering WASHINGTON - Foodborne illnesses cost...

What SHOULD be in Canada's Next Federal Budget

As is its usual practice, The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, a progressive "think-tank," has prepared an "alternative" budget for the federal government to consider. To download the whole budget document, click the headline and follow the links. l.p. ======

Coal-Fired Power on the Way Out?

Analysis by Lester R. Brown - (IPS) Inter Press Service WASHINGTON, 24 Feb (IPS) - The past two years have witnessed…

Pro-CWB farmers to Appeal Voters' List Ruling

Manitoba Co-Operator - Staff - 2/26/2010 A Prairie farmers' group says it has filed... Courtesy of FotoSearch