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"We Love the Earth" A star-studded new video In recognition of Earth Day.


A Prayer for Earth Day

Logging our dwindling forests. PLT photo. Forgive us, oh Lord, for the profound harm we mortals are inflicting on Thy sacred creation, Mother Earth. Our reckless burning of fossil fuels is contributing to catastrophic climate change which, as we speak, is attacking many parts of Thy planet, upon which Thou hast so graciously permitted us to dwell.  Bestow upon us all, oh Lord, the eco-wisdom we will need to radically change our behaviour, so that we no longer threaten just our own kind, but the lowly wild creatures with which we also share the humble home you have so graciously provided for us all. Help us to avert and lessen the dangers we have so thoughtlessly created,  which now threaten the very safety, security and survival of future human generations - our children and our grandchildren.  Forgive us, oh Lord, for we know not what we do.  In Jesus name. Amen. PLT Get involved with Earth Day, (April 22nd)  here!