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The Bio of Larry Powell - publisher of this blog.

Larry Powell Powell is a veteran, award-winning journalist based in Shoal Lake, Manitoba, Canada. He specializes in stories about agriculture and the environment. For decades, he worked for broadcast outlets in western Canada, including 5 years as Senior Editor for CBC Radio News in Saskatchewan. He is authorized to receive embargoed news releases on important, global stories, through the Science Media Centre of Canada, the Royal Society, Nature Research and the World Weather Attribution Network. He is a member of the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada, the Canadian Association of  Journalists and is a past member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Three years ago, he joined an international team of  writers providing articles for the              Swiss-based online journal,  “Focusing  on Wildlife - celebrating  the biodiversity of Planet Earth.” In June, 2014, he was a panelist at a world conference in Winnipeg entitled "Holding