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Larry's Submission to the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission

Factory-farmed sows, like the one above, spend much of their lives in tiny steel cages. (Photo courtesy of Farm Sanctuary.)   ___________________________ Hearings have just concluded in Manitoba to determine if this province's hog industry is sustainable. The government instructed the Clean Environment Commission to conduct the hearings after placing a moratorium on new hog barn construction last year. The Commission is expected to make recommendations to the government in several months on whether to continue, or to end that moratorium. The freeze has drawn howls of protest and threats of lawsuits from the hog industry, represented by the Manitoba Pork Council. Larry Powell presented the following views to the Commission on behalf of "Citizens for Family Farms," at a hearing in Dauphin on March 20th. Submission to the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission on the Sustainability of Hog Barn Development. I'd like to thank the Commission for this opportuni