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Fracking Boom in U.S. and Canada Largely to Blame for Global Methane Spike, Study Finds

EcoWatch Image by Pixabay. New research by a scientist at Cornell University warns that the fracking  boom in the U.S. and Canada over the past decade is largely to blame for a large rise in methane  in the earth's atmosphere — and that reducing emissions of the extremely potent greenhouse gas is crucial to help stem the international climate  crisis.  Story here.

Fort St. John, B.C. earthquakes were caused by fracking: BC Oil and Gas Commission

CTV News B.C's Oil & Gas Commission (OGC) has concluded that three earthquakes in the area around Fort. St. John at the end of November were caused by hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations.          Details here. A fracking operation in New York State. Photo by US Geological Survey. Please also read my story from 2015: Is the "Dubious Duo" of Fracking & Earthquakes More Common in Canada Than we Know? PinP Wonders.    l.p.

Fox Creek quakes linked to volume and location of hydraulic fracturing

folio Study is the first to identify specific factors causing seismic activity in Alberta’s Duvernay play. Story here.

Dear Manitobans - Fracking May Well be Coming to a Neighbourhood, Town or Park Near You!

....and there will be "frack-all" you can do about it! Please read the Winnipeg Free Press article,  "Shale gas seen as possible new resource here," then watch and learn of this horrific practice on: CBC -The Nature of Things with David Suzuki - - Shattered Ground As reported in the  Winnipeg Free Press , exploration for shale in Manitoba is underway with the potential for the industry to develop within the next ten years. The potential shale formation runs from the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border to Treheme, including the Manitoba Escarpment, Swan Valley, the Porcupine Hills and around Riding Mountain. Province's geologists are (as of January 2012) four years into a study of the province's shale gas potential. Source: Mary Agnes Welch,  Shale Gas seen as Possible new Resource Here , Winnipeg Free Press, January 21, 2012, It is also reported in the news that Petroleum Services Association of Canada predicted 300 new fracke

We’ll Frack Alberta’s Next Election, Vow Landowners

30th January 2012 - Andrew Nikiforuk - Drilling accident fuels rebellion demanding halt to hydraulic fracturing. Details here.