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Farming as nature intended. A “dynamic duo” from south of the border, brings a message of hope and radical change to producers on the Canadian prairies.

by Larry Powell A conventional farm in Manitoba. A  PinP  photo. "You're tilling too much!" That was Ray Archuleta's blunt message to about 50 people at a meeting this week in the small, agricultural community of Shoal Lake, Manitoba. The brilliant, affable Archuleta operates a small ranch in Missouri. His partner. Gabe Brown, whose "down home" personality has apparently earned him the monicker, "Farmer Brown," runs a big, mixed operation in North Dakota. Both men are on the same mission - convince as many farmers as they can to move away from conventional production. That's how countless producers in Canada, the U.S. and developed countries around the world, have, for decades, practised this predominant style of agriculture. They rely on heavy and expensive "inputs" of fertilizers, pesticides, machinery and "mono-crops," all designed to produce the highest yields possible.  Ray Archuleta conducts a s

There's A Way to Save Our Future. So Why Aren't More People Talking About It?

Common Dreams PinP blogger, Larry Powell,  plants a cover crop on his organic  acreage in Manitoba. (Circa 2000)  PinP photo. Transitioning to organic regenerative agriculture practices 'offers the best, and perhaps our only, hope for averting a global warming disaster.' More here.