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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adam Beach is My Hero

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by Larry Powell

I don't spend a lot of my life adulating celebrities. In this case, I'm making an exception.

Adam had a rough life, growing up as a native kid on a Manitoba reserve. Now, he's an established television star. 

But wait, there's more. 

He has a social conscience! 

He's already made his mark as a cop on "Law and Order." Fame-wise, how much further can you go!

Now, he's starring in a new CBC TV series called "Arctic Air." At first, I was leary. The promos hinted at a show all about exploitation of northern resources. So, I watched, with low expectations. 

But Adam's character, an executive of  an aviation company, actually shows a sensitivity for the people there who are being affected by the ravages of climate change. 

(I really liked it when he punched out a mouthy Calgary mining millionaire. The millionaire showed his ugly, racist side, calling Adam's character "Chief" for not selling out a friend on a mining claim the friend had staked.)

But Adam Beach isn't just living out a fantasy on TV.

In real life, he has come out in defense of native communities trying to resist the Northern Gateway pipeline. In this era of ruthless government, hell-bent on making the world safe for multinational corporations, we need "equalizers" like Adam. 

Adam is also a friend of Mark Ruffalo, another amazing actor who has rallied in support of the Occupy Protest Movement!

Go Adam, go! 


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