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President Trump means we can’t escape a dangerously warmer world

Scientific American Is there anything positive to say on the climate front after the US election result? Well, the rest of the world may finally get serious about preparing for a world more than 3 o C warmer, because make no mistake that is where we are heading. Story here.


Hey Larry, Today, around the world, SumOfUs members are in shock.  Many of you, like me, probably had a sleepless night. I’m shocked and afraid for what the future holds for the United States, and the world.  Donald Trump and the Republicans will control the White House, Congress and the Senate. SumOfUs members are part of a global community.  There are millions of people in the United States and around the world who will be directly impacted by this result.  Many of them are feeling anxious and afraid right now. We’re sending our thoughts to them all. In this moment we need to reaffirm the values and mission of our community.  Our mission is to fight for people over profit. But what does that mean in a world where Donald Trump is President? I want to know how you are feeling right now, and what your reaction to the election result is.  What do you think our community should focus on in the coming months? GETTING MONEY OUT OF POLITICS FAIR TRADE DEALS STANDING