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Amazing CBC Podcast on Oil Spills

EDITOR: If you didn't catch this interview when it aired on CBC Radio's "Sunday Edition" on May 30th, please listen to the podcast. It's an amazing and damning indictment of oil companies in their handling of oil spills by an obviously well-informed and dedicated individual. Just click on the link, below. l.p. Guest host Helen Mann; 

Hour One: Life After an Environmental Disaster - What Can the People of Louisianna Learn from the Exxon Valdez? - Riki Ott heard about the BP rig and headed straight for the Louisiana coast. She's a marine toxicologist and an environmental activist. And she wanted to share her experience and expertise with those who live and work on that coast, and provide some advice on the challenges they face. In our first hour, Dr. Riki Ott will also tell us those things. Click here, then follow the links.

More on Boreal Forest Agreement

Response from Canadian Boreal Initiative Re: My Concerns about the 'Boreal Forest Agreement' (Peter Miller) Clearcutting in the Duck Mtn. by Mary Jane Eichler FOLKS, FOR THOSE FOLLOWING THE RECENT BOREAL FOREST AGREEMENT, HERE IS AN EXCHANGE BETWEEN LARRY INNES OF THE CANADIAN BOREAL INITIATIVE AND JOHN HUMMEL. THANKS TO BOTH FOR THIS POSTING. Dear Larry, Thanks for writing back regarding some of my concerns regarding this agreement. I will share your response with others who have similar concerns. I did include a link to the leaked version of the agreement in my email to everyone so they would have an opportunity to see everything in context and make their own judgment. As you may be aware, there is now a longer version of the agreement now on the internet at: Since this agreement has implications for all Canadians and Indigenous Nations, I was surprised that none of the signatories to this a

End of Alaotra Grebe is Further Evidence of Sixth Great Extinction

By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor Wednesday, 26 May 2010 - the Independent Species are Vanishing Quicker Than at any Point in the Last 65 Million Years

BFN Does Not Support New “Canadian National Boreal Forest Agreement”

For Immediate Release - May 26, 2010 “This agreement is not transparent, does not include the involvement of governments, nor First Nations and the boreal forest is still at risk,” said Susanne McCrea, Executive Director of the Boreal Forest Network. The agreement really does not protect woodland caribou, as it only defers logging and road construction in 72,205 ha over the next two years and not the supposed 29 million hectares that the signatories told the public, on May 18th. The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, signed by Canadian forest products companies and several prominent environmental groups, will make it more difficult for ENGOs to effectively campaign against large scale resource extraction by the Canadian forest industry and sidelines Indigenous Peoples rights to plan, manage and control activities on their traditional territories. A leaked copy of the full agreement can be found at:

Glyphosate Tolerant Crops Bring Diseases and Death

ISIS Report 26/05/10 ######################################## New research reveals disastrous ecological impacts of the world’s top herbicide and GM crops made tolerant to it. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Brett Cherry

Leaked Copy of the Boreal Forest Agreement

----- Original Message ----- From: Clayton Thomas-Muller FYI.... Please distribute widely! 39 page agreement marked "Confidential" available for download (Please note pages 38-39) by Vancouver Media Co-op The Vancouver Media Co-op has received a leaked copy of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, which was announced yesterday in Toronto . Click here to download the 39 page agreement , which is marked "confidential." Note that the attachment does not include "schedules" including maps. We'll post it as soon as it becomes available. Here is IEN on APTN National News last night responding to Agreenment: Another story Re: the 'Boreal Forest Agreement': -- Join the IEN Newsletter!

Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Now at Record Levels - WHO

18 MARCH 2010 | GENEVA | WASHINGTON DC In some areas….

Innovation of the Week: Providing an Agricultural Answer to Nature’s Call

Mar.18 - 2010 - Earthwatch Institute It’s hard to believe, but...

New England Losing Forest Cover -- Scholars Call for Accelerated Conservation

ScienceDaily (May 22, 2010 New England forests are...

Canadian Species Confirmed At-Risk

The number of…..

Open Letter Supporting the Climate Change Accountability Act

The Accountability Act has already been given 3rd reading in the Commons. Below is a joint letter from a coalition of environment groups, urging the Senate to pass it, too. l.p. ===== ===== *L'Association québécoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique (AQLPA)*Canadian Youth Climate Coalition* Climate Action Network Canada* David Suzuki Foundation* Forest Ethics* For Our Grandchildren* KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives* Equiterre* Living Oceans* Manitoba Wildlands* National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) * Nature Canada* Oxfam Canada* Oxfam Quebec* the Pembina Institute* Polaris Institute* Saskatchewan Environmental Society* Sierra Club Canada* WWF Canada * May 6, 2010 Dear Senators, The climate crisis represents the most urgent challenge of our time. Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases is essential to avoid catastrophic changes in our climate that threaten millions of people with drought, famine, extreme weather events and

Nitrate Contamination Spreading in California Communities

May 13, 2010 | Julia Scott - California Watch The water supply of more.... Editor's Note: Are factory farms rearing their ugly heads again? l.p.

Sweet Success for Kit Kat Campaign: You asked, Nestlé has Answered

Greenpeace - May 17, 2010 A big 'Thank You' to...

America's Climate Choices

National Research Council of the Academies - US - May 21 - 2010 Strong Evidence on Climate Change Underscores Need For Actions Editor's note: Needless to say, our mainstream media are once again ignoring or playing down this important new report, opting instead to faithfully record every burp and fart on the stock markets, no matter how insignificant. l.p.

Scouring Scum and Tar from the Bottom of the Pit

Peter Cizek | July 9th 2006-Canadian Dimension Faced with the...

US Farmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds

By WILLIAM NEUMAN and ANDREW POLLACK New York Times - May 3, 2010 DYERSBURG, Tenn. — For 15 years... A flax crop (blue) invaded by "rogue" (resistant to Roundup) canola (yellow) on the Canadian prairies. l.p. photo

Wild Horses and Sand Dunes: Sable Island to be Designated as a National Park

By: Michael MacDonald, The Canadian Press - 18/05/2010 HALIFAX, N.S. - Sable Island, a crescent-shaped...

NASA Scientist Urges Norway to Pull Out of Alberta's 'Destructive' Oilsands

By: Bob Weber, The Canadian Press - 18/05/2010 NASA'S top scientist....

CPAWS Proud Partner in New Boreal Forest Leadership Agreement

CPAWS - May 18, 2010 Following two years... Greenpeace

Setting Time Limits for Hunting and Fishing May Help Maintain Wildlife Populations

ScienceDaily (May 14, 2010) — Hunting and fishing quotas...

Brace Yourself: This Is the Tip of the Iceberg for Oil-Induced Enviro Catastrophes

AlterNet / by Scott Thill May 18 - 2010 The blame-game theory...

Dispersing Ain't Cleaning: Ask Congress to Investigate Oil Spill-Dispersing Chemicals

Nancy Roberts - Care2 - May 16-2010 As of Friday, May 14, 517,000 gallons of...

New Research Reveals Hurricane Katrina's Impact on Ecological and Human Health

ScienceDaily (May 15, 2010) Scientists studying the...

Ecosystem in Peril after Gulf Oil Spill

By Matthew Cardinale - IPS ATLANTA, Georgia, May 14, 2010 (IPS) - With engineers giving a...

Pests Bite Back at Genetically Modified Cotton

14 May 2010 - Bob Holmes, consultant -NewScientist Wipe one pest out and...

What If BP Were A Human Being?

Wed, 05/05/2010 — Bruce A. Dixon - Black Agenda Report What if BP, the principal corporate...

Are Pesticide Regulators on theTake?

Canadian Authorities Refuse to Protect Precious Pollinators From Known Toxins. Is Something Crooked Going on Here? by Larry Powell Nothing smacks of collusion between government officials and the agro-chemical industry, quite like the current crisis facing the world’s pollinators. For years, scientific research teams both far and near, have been documenting dwindling numbers, even extinctions, of several populations of pollinators like honey bees and bumble bees. Scores of reputable groups, including The Canadian Pollination Institute (CANPOLIN) , the Xerces Society and the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in the ‘States, are all sounding the same alarm; “The diversity and abundance of insect pollinators are in a global state of decline. This decline represents a serious threat to the integrity of natural ecosystems and the production of many crops.” Xerces has been devoted to preser

Alta. County Calls Disaster as Storms Kill Calves

Manitoba Co-Operator - Staff - 5/13/2010 What began as a....

Sobeys to Play Local Card in Discount Food Market

Co-Operator - staff - May 12-2010 Grocery chain Sobeys plans to...

The Great Debate Over Air Quality in the Swan Valley Reaches a Climax

by Larry Powell (This story also appears in the current issue of Canadian Dimension magazine.) Bill Blaikie is about to go through a bit of a “baptism by fire” as Manitoba's new Minister of Conservation. He will soon need to decide whether to order Louisiana Pacific Canada Ltd. (LP) to restart the pollution control devices it shut down at its wood products plant near Minitonas , in the Swan Valley over a year ago. If he does that, he will be throwing down the gauntlet to LP to make good on its threat to shut the whole plant down, dealing a body blow to the local economy. Or he could grant the corporation’s request for a permanent decommissioning of the devices. If he does that, it could mean more harmful industrial pollutants will continue to be released into the atmosphere than at any time since the plant opened, with the controls operating, in 1996. Not only that, he would almost certainly incur the renewed wrath of individual citizens and environmental groups who be