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Subsidies to Industries That Cause Deforestation Worth 100 Times More Than Aid to Prevent it

Canada May Have to Pay Hundreds of Millions of Dollars After Losing a Case Under NAFTA.

Antarctica Recorded Its Hottest Temperature On Record Last Week

Keystone & Beyond. Tar Sands & the National Interest in the Era of Climate Change.

It is Time to Stop Monsanto's Poisoning of the Public With Cancer Causing Roundup

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Project Shows Link Between Healthy Soils and Healthy People

Cancer Risk From Malathion Low For Winnipeggers, Says Canadian Scientist

TransCanada’s Other Massive Pipeline Plan

Monsanto Seeks Retraction for Report Linking Herbicide to Cancer

Manitoba Wildlife Officers Seek Leads in Illegal Moose Hunting Cases

Canadian, U.S. Agencies Approve Genetically Engineered B.C. Apples as Safe

Journalism as Subversion

Bark Beetles Are Decimating Our Forests. That Might Actually Be a Good Thing.

Malathion Can Kill Insects And Glyphosate Can Kill Weeds But They Can Also Give You Cancer: WHO

Is the "Dubious Duo" of Fracking & Earthquakes More Common in Canada Than we Know? PinP Wonders...

City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to Review WHO Report on Malathion

Why Keep Fossil Fuel in the Ground. (Video - go full-screen)

Arctic Sea Ice Hits All-Time Winter Low

Vanuatu: UN Finds ‘Extensive’ Loss of Agriculture; Full Scale of Damage Still to be Revealed

Officials Blame Climate Change for 'Worse Than Worst Case Scenario' in Vanuatu

Antibiotics Are No Longer Making Pigs Bigger

A Breathtaking Ode to the Beauty and Importance of the Imperiled Songbird, and What it Will Mean if we Lose Them. (Video-go full-screen)

Canadian Climate Skeptic in the News Again.

United Nations Responding to ‘Devastating' Impact of Tropical Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu, Pacific Region

'Merchants of Doubt' Author on the Origins & Persistence of Climate Denialism

Some Facts About Alberta's Tar Sands Tailings Ponds

Dozens Feared Dead After Cyclone Pam Hits Vanuatu

Only “Heroic Efforts” Will Spare Earth’s Mighty Boreal Forest From the Worst Ravages of Climate Change - Experts.

Be Afraid (Video)

Demolition of Mount Agassiz Underway

Ag Canada Developing Plan for "Judicious Use" of "Neonics," a Bee-Killing Pesticide

A Bucket of Whitewash for Amanda Lang

Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground to Stop Climate Change

In Florida, Officials Ban Term ‘Climate Change’

Plans for an Immense Canal Could Spell Catastrophe in Nicaragua and Elsewhere.

Tech-Savvy Indian Women Farmers Find Success With "Sim Cards."

Crime In North Dakota’s Oil Boom Towns Is So Bad That The FBI Is Stepping In

Infrastructure Boom Threatens World's Last Wildernesses

Canadian Government Pushing First Nations to Give up Land Rights For Oil And Gas Profits

Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?

Some California Farmers Will Get no Federal Water, Meaning Fields Could go Unplanted

Residents of São Paulo – Brazil’s "Failing" Mega-City - Struggle as Water Taps Run Dry.

World's Largest Bee-Killing Corporation Threatens to Sue an Advocacy Group Trying to Save the Precious Pollinators! PLEASE DONATE!

Alberta in Talks on Climate Policy With Eye to Keystone Approval

As Antarctica Melts Away, Seas Could Rise Ten Feet Within 100 Years