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On Wells and Wellness: Oil and Gas Flaring as a Potential Risk Factor for Preterm Birth

Just 1% of Farms Control 70% of Global Farmland: Study Finds 'Shocking State of Land Inequality'

British chicken driving deforestation in Brazil’s “second Amazon”

As giant ice shelves collapse amid global warming in the Arctic, experts call for more protection for the "Last Ice Area" (LIA). The vast communities of plants and animals living there could be lost, they warn, before we even get to understand them!

As South Africa clings to coal, a struggle for the right to breathe

The role we humans play in the continuing decline of Earth's biosphere knows no boundaries. Sadly - an essential part of human life - food production - remains part of the problem.

Snarl for the camera! An international team of scientists and software developers use facial recognition technology to identify individual grizzlies in the wild.

Concentration Matters. Farmland Inequality on the Canadian Prairies

Recent research shows: More rare, endangered sharks are dying in the worldwide trade in shark fins than earlier feared.

Pollution and pandemics: A dangerous mix. Research finds that as one goes, so goes the other -- to a point.

Ending greenhouse gas emissions may not stop global warming

Where people go, there too, goes Covid-19! Surprising? Perhaps not. But, if more solid science will help to convince the doubters - here it is!

Rivers melt Arctic ice, warming air and ocean.

For at least a decade, three founders of HyLife Foods have contributed thousands of dollars to the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba.