Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Small Step Forward

by Larry Powell 

Last winter, I asked CBC Manitoba to start announcing atmospheric C02 levels on their weathercasts. (See "CBC Manitoba Thinks Nothing Can Be Done About Climate Change!)

C02 levels cause global warming, melting ice caps and glaciers, rising sea levels, droughts, floods, blizzards, tornadoes, cyclones, hurricanes, and ice storms. Safe levels are 350 ppm or below. They have already been way above that for some time.

At the time of my request, the CBC said it would be "inflammatory" to announce such levels. 

But I finally did convince their broadcast meteorologist,  John Sauder, to place a link to C02 atmospheric levels on his website, "John Sauder's Forecast." 
(Lower left.)

Thank you, John! You have done the public a real service! l.p.

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