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Danielle Smith wants a gentler politics. She’s welcome to start

Canada’s National Observer It didn’t take long for the American and Canadian right to weaponize the assassination attempt on Donald Trump against the left. In the United States, Republicans and their supporters immediately pointed their fingers at progressives as the cause of the violence. Ohio senator JD Vance even  blamed President Joe Biden  for the attack. Details here.

Degrowth offers a path to a truly just global energy transition

  Skip to main content Log in OPINION ANALYSIS CLIMATE SOLUTIONS SPECIAL REPORTS PODCASTS NEWSLETTERS CONVERSATIONS NEWS TEAM ABOUT Degrowth offers a path to a truly just global energy transition By  Jeremy Appel  |  Opinion  |   July 11th 2024 Rio Tinto - Kennecott open pit copper mine. Salt Lake County, Utah. How do we balance the needs of an energy transition with the harsh realities of mining critical minerals like copper? Photo by arbyreed/Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) Listen to article As the world inevitably transitions away from fossil fuel extraction, there’s a  growing international consensus  that mining critical minerals — including copper, nickel, cobalt, zinc and more — will have to ramp up in order to power clean energy sources. This consensus, reflected in the 2022  Canadian Critical Minerals Strategy , rests on the assumption that our lifestyles in the developed world are sustainable, if only we stopped pumping CO2 into the atmosphere while commuting from the suburbs in our


it’s OK to get angry at climate deniers, but it's NOT OK to be one. finding solutions to our climate crisis is looked upon as a rational, not a wacky response. our schools begin teaching our children, not just the way the world is, but the way it could be. helping the world’s downtrodden - or finding a cure for cancer - becomes more important than a “killer” golf shot or a winning goal. sports become simple enjoyment, rather than mass hysteria and a lust for a gold medal. opposing hockey players drop their gloves, our children shout “Stop!” NOT; “Fight. Fight! Fight!" finding a cure for cancer means removing contaminants from our food, not endless marches for a “magic bullet cure” or an “ice-bucket challenge.” science becomes as influential as religion. the faithful explain, how are we being blessed by the divine hand of a loving God, when war continues to rage, a deadly virus runs rampant across the Earth and violent weather events, spawned by climate change, tighten their