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it’s OK to get angry at climate deniers, but it's NOT OK to be one. finding solutions to our climate crisis is looked upon as a rational, not a wacky response. our schools begin teaching our children, not just the way the world is, but the way it could be. helping the world’s downtrodden - or finding a cure for cancer - becomes more important than a “killer” golf shot or a winning goal. sports become simple enjoyment, rather than mass hysteria and a lust for a gold medal. opposing hockey players drop their gloves, our children shout “Stop!” NOT; “Fight. Fight! Fight!" finding a cure for cancer means removing contaminants from our food, not endless marches for a “magic bullet cure” or an “ice-bucket challenge.” science becomes as influential as religion. the faithful explain, how are we being blessed by the divine hand of a loving God, when war continues to rage, a deadly virus runs rampant across the Earth and violent weather events, spawned by climate change, tighten their