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Let's celebrate International Day of Biological Diversity!

The unrestricted exploitation of wildlife has led to the disappearance of many animal (& plant) species at an alarming rate, destroying Earth's biological diversity and upsetting the ecological balance. (UN) A pheasant in Saskatchewan. A swallowtail butterfly in Manitoba, CA. (Papilio canadensis) Prairie dogs in Saskatchewan. Blue jays in Manitoba. A cow m oose in Manitoba. A skunk in Manitoba.      A subspecies of the swallowtail  (p apilio machaon britannicus) .                                                                       Photo by Bill Dean - UK.  One of several species at risk in Canada, the small white lady's slipper, (Cypripedium candidum). Photo by Mason Brock.  All photos by  PinP, except where otherwise noted.

‘To say nothing is not public service’: former Agriculture Canada official raised red flags on pesticide

By Marc Fawcett-Atkinson | News | May 16th 2024 National Observer A former official in Canada's agriculture ministry accused the federal pesticide regulator of failing to assess the health risks posed by the controversial herbicide glyphosate, a key ingredient of Roundup, months before leaving the ministry. The concerns from David Cox, who at the time was deputy director at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), were revealed in a trove of emails distributed to high- and mid-level AAFC officials — including deputy minister Stefanie Beck — in June and October 2023. They were obtained by Canada's National Observer through an access to information request. "I am not an expert but I do believe in raising red flags where I see large-scale risk exposure and peer-reviewed papers stating there are harms. To say nothing is not public service," wrote Cox in a June 14, 2023 email distributed to eight senior AAFC officials, including Beck. A spokesperson for AAFC said this week

The ICC could issue warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders. How does the court work?

CBC News International Criminal Court prosecutor seeks arrest warrants for Israeli, Hamas leaders. Leaders of Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas may soon be the subjects of international arrest warrants over allegations they are responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Story here.

In Seawater, Researchers See an Untapped Bounty of Critical Metals

Yale Environment  360  Researchers and companies are aiming to draw key minerals, including lithium and magnesium, from ocean water, desalination plant residue, and industrial waste brine. They say their processes will use less land and produce less pollution than mining, but major hurdles remain.  Story here.

Axe the Tax: Here's what happened after Australia killed its carbon pricing regime

INVESTIGATIVE  JOURNALISM  FOUNDATION   Bushfires - Kangaroo Island, Australia. 2020.                                New Matilda from Brisbane. Can Canada learn anything from Australia's carbon tax experience?   STORY HERE.

Manitoba First Nations seek billions in damages over Winnipeg sewage spill

CBC News Massive February spill into Red River caused significant harm for downstream communities: lawsuit. Story here.