Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Australia Climate Commission says Warming Earth is ‘Beyond Doubt’

Australia’s Climate Commission states action to battle effects of a warming planet has “never been more urgent” than now, with huge...Details here.
PLT: Here in Manitoba, Canada, flooding has been unprecedented by any measure; depth of water, area affected, human suffering and economic damage. Yet governments, politicians, business and sadly way too many individuals, (all aided and abetted by timid media) just don't get it. They refuse to admit it even MAY be anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change at work here. Or they hide behind the ever-weakening argument that "you can't tie any given weather disaster" to global warming. HELP! I'm beginning to think there is no hope! l.p.
Ani Hubba Bubba · Winnipeg, Manitoba
you are absolutely right! I couldn't agree more with you!! Watching what's happening in Manitoba is devastating. We have to wake up! NOW!  

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