Saturday, 18 June 2011

WATCH: Dangers of Natural Gas Extraction (Video)

Fracking is a burgeoning technology being used to extract natural gas locked 
within rock formations. Fluid is pumped into natural or man made fractures 
under high pressure to open up cracks and access hard to reach reservoirs. 
Critics are calling for a moratorium on fracking, saying it poses serious health 
risks to nearby residents, damages the environment and could even cause 
small earthquakes. Supporters say those claims are overblown, and fracking is 
essential to Alberta's natural gas industry. Is fracking dangerous? Is it critical 
to our economic future? How should Alberta proceed? Joining us for this 
discussion is Jessica Ernst, Rosebud resident and former energy sector 
consultant is now suing Encana; Tim Marchant, Adjunct Professor of Strategy 
and Energy Geopolitics at the University of Calgary; and Ben Parfitt, Resource 
Policy Analyst with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. 
Watch video here.
  (l.) Once quite farmland, turned into a "fracking" 
site in the US.
"Although no complete list of 
the cocktail of chemicals used 
in this process exists, information 
obtained from environmental 
clean-up sites demonstrates that 
known toxins are routinely being used, including hydrochloric acid, 
diesel fuel (which contains benzene, tuolene, and xylene) as well as 
formaldehyde, polyacrylimides, arsenic, and chromates."
COMMENT: "I wish, just once, these corporations would admit to what they are doing, instead of always denying the obvious."  Margaret Romak 

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