Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Comment "PLT" Left on an American Website

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PLT: I have just posted the following in the "comments" section of "Common Dreams," an alternative online media in the US. The story was about the critical protests taking place at the White House. Hundreds are there to demand President Obama not allow the proposed Canadian pipeline to carry Alberta tar to the Texas Gulf coast and the profound implications it would have for the environment and climate change:
"I just want the world to know from up here in Canada that our flagship TV newscast, CBC's, 'The National,' is studiously avoiding any coverage of the protests so far. Shame on the CBC and the rest of the media for its undercoverage of this critical juncture in the environmental history of our planet. My worst fear is that Stephen Harper's new, majority, right-wing, heavy-handed government here is somehow coercing the CBC into not giving this event the coverage it deserves. As I see it, this is a seminal struggle to avoid reaching a tipping point with climate change. And a Canadian project is at its heart. Earth's foremost climatologist, James Hansen, warns it will be "game over for the climate" if this misguided project is allowed to proceed!"

And it seems the CBC is not the only delinquent "mainstream" media, suppressing the news about these important demonstrations. Similar things are happening in the 'States. Here is another comment posted in the same space by someone else:
"Not a word of this in the MSM (mainstream media) - so we would never know people were protesting if not for alternative news. Corporate owned media only reports what they think will shape public opinion to their ends.
* "The National" finally got around to covering the demos last night (Fri.), almost a week after they began.

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