Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Record Heat Bakes Much of U.S.



Anonymous said...

This is nothing compared to the heatwave of 1936. Wikipedia says "The 1936 North American heat wave was the most severe heat wave in the modern history of North America. It took place in the middle of the Great Depression of the 1930s, and caused catastrophic human suffering and an enormous economic toll. The death toll exceeded 5,000, and huge numbers of crops were destroyed by the heat and lack of moisture. Many state and city record high temperatures set during the 1936 heat wave still stand to this day."


Klem (not my real name)

Larry Powell said...

I've decided to post another comment from Klem (not his real name). That's because it is more civil and sensible than his earlier ones. This is not to say I agree with him.

Far from it.

First of all, Klem, you need to know that climate change (the human kind) was born with the burning of coal in the industrial revolution of the 18 hundreds. So the greenhouse gases from such sources would have been very much at play during the time of the Great Depression.

And no expert I know of has ever claimed severe weather events are ONLY a result of anthropogenic climate change. The point it, such change is resulting in such events which are MORE FREQUENT AND MORE SEVERE than ever!

For example, a drought which struck the Amazon in 2,000 was at the time considered a "one-in-a-century" magnitude event. Five years later, in 2,005, lo & behold, another "drought of the century." But it was't a century later. It was only FIVE YEARS.

I live in Manitoba. Here, "floods of the century," or of 200 or 300 year magnitude, are now happening EVERY FEW YEARS if not more frequently.

How far must we watch planet Earth be plunged into an abyss before we admit something is dreadfully wrong here?

I'm really not sure how any one can look at what is happening with extreme weather events around our world today and stubbornly and continually conclude that "nothing unusual" is apparently happening or that it is within the realm of "natural" occurrence, whatever natural is.

Just look at how fossil-fuel-burning machines are spreading everywhere, like cancer, and at how dirtier-than-ever sources are coming into play - tar sands - natural gas from shale extraction - toxic - toxic - toxic.

You and others like you are doing a profound disservice to this planet & the living things upon it! You are obviously a thinking person. So, START THINKING!

P.S. I believe you when you deny you are any of the things I accused of being before (a Harper operative - a hacker, etc). But I bet you ARE a Conservative white man, right? Please read my latest blog post on this…interesting...