Monday, 17 October 2011

Occupy Winnipeg! The World-Wide Movement for Justice Catches Fire on the Canadian Prairies (PLT Video)

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Thanks!  Larry
Josh Brandon: "One of the things I think that it shows, we have right now a government that is afraid of criticism.  Every time the Harper government hears word or hears voices that it doesn't agree with, its response has been to eliminate funding. So we've seen that, even civil servants now, like Environment Canada, they've had their funding slashed because they are reporting things like global warming, holes in the ozone layer, messages that the federal government does not want to hear. So rather than listen to the science, listen to the scientists, what we've seen is, those voices are being cut. That's true with the environment, womens' groups, it's true with labour."
Please also read: "Cold Prairie Winds Not Enough to Drive Winnipeg Occupiers Out of Memorial Park"

COMMENT:   Hi Larry,

I saw you posted a section of my talk from the Occupy Winnipeg online.  Thanks for doing that.  You tell the story much better than we hear in the mainstream media.


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