Sunday, 2 October 2011

Pity Rex Murphy. At This Point, He Has No Place To Go

18 Oct 09 Jim Hoggan Desmog Blog
For years, Canada’s most famous climate denier —- a national broadcaster, columnist and author has  railed against science. Details here.
PLT: Severe flooding on Lake Manitoba (above) has dragged on for several dreary months. According to the science, the patterns of severe weather events like this are now unmistakable. Climate change is almost certainly playing a role. And dinosaurs like Murphy only stand in the way of enlightened action to reduce such catastrophic effects. PLT photo.
PLT: As you can see, this story came out quite some time ago. I must have been sleeping, for, while I am not surprised, I believed Rex's dubious distinction as a climate-denier was quite a recent revelation. (Please also read "Is Rex Murphy About to Damage the CBC's Reputation?")
I am posting this here for the benefit of others who were similarly unaware. This does not diminish my outrage, however, nor apparently, that of others. That an individual with such prominence on our public airwaves should embrace anything but solid science on such a vital issue, is simply not acceptable.

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Christine said...

Murphy has no place to go but down, it seems, since this article was written 2 years ago, as he's still at it! The evidence has become increasingly hard to dismiss, yet Murphy was at the U of Calgary recently (as you pointed out) at the invitation of the so-called "Friends" of Science.