Sunday, 12 June 2011

A Link Between Climate Change and Joplin Tornadoes? Never.
Stephen Tomson  
Bill McKibben published a must-read op-ed in The Washington Post last month about the connection between climate change and recent extreme weather events. Now Stephen Thomson has combined McKibben's words with striking footage of the events he writes about. The result is a chilling must-see video:

Manitoba Studies Strategy to Help Flooded Farmland, Address Climate Change

Chinta Puxley, The Canadian Press - 06/12/2011
WINNIPEG - After four soggy years of flooded pastures and ruined crops, the Manitoba government is looking at how to help frustrated farmers cope with climate change in the province's Interlake region. Details here.

PLT: It tears my heart out to learn about the damage and human suffering being inflicted on my fellow Manitobans by the bad weather and flooding. So, as one who supports the science of climate change, I'm encouraged that the topic is slowly creeping into the public discourse. But, our policy-makers will simply have to screw up the courage to put it in context, (which the above story sure as Hell does not do)! At some point they are going to have to say, out loud, that climate change IS CAUSED BY HUMANS. What we need, therefore, are meaningful changes in our personal lifestyles and those of business, industry and government; changes which will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If this is not done, it is all pointless.

I am NOT saying we should harden our hearts and stop supporting affected producers and homeowners from the public purse. I am saying leadership is needed at all levels if we are to turn this insidious phenomenon around in the long-term.  Sadly, world leadership from the Harper government just isn't in the cards - just more "fossil-of-the-day" awards for Stephen to proudly display in his den!

I know first-hand, from writing in this space alone, that you simply can't say such things without being prepared to face hostile, irrational, angry and ignorant opposition from deniers, cranks and vested interests. These folks are not interested in evidence - only in impressing the world with their cynicism and close-mindedness. To them, this is supposed to trump the best brains on the planet who actually spend their working lives studying the problem - not "jawing" about it in the coffee shops.  l.p.