Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Riding Mountain National Park “Sans” Ski is Fine by Me!

CPAWS Mar 28'12 Holly Postlethwaite
True to my Canadian heritage, I love winter.  As soon as the first snowfall hits, I look forward to the crystal white...Details here.

PLT photo

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Anonymous said...

pThe inability to merge heritage, history, and reality, from mind space to another, is an indicator of an lack of flow of mutual respects.
All successful dances involve a succession of repetition and variation of step and direction.
I am from the East Escarpment of Riding Mountain, and own lands that were pristine until the concept of public entry dismissed the constitutional right of ownership. Generations of protection and preservation have now left staged damages, dead zones, ripped riparian zones.
Trails became a nightmare.
What has always been viewed from above, bears in streams, eagles soaring became a playground for trail enthusiasts. The world of the Creator became dominated by streams of those all seeking simultaneously to view what had been interrupted.
The article sans ski is offensive. The Agassiz ski hill area is presently being damaged due to a lack of controls. There is no mention of people. No mention of communities. No mention of history and tradition. No mention of economy, no mention of other ski hills in other National Parks. It is an isolated, self serving, commentary.