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A Testament to Failure (Letter)

The Failed Strawboard Plant at Elie MB. A tiny fraction of the massive straw piles at the plant.  now rotting and surely rat-infested. PinP photos. (Published in the Manitoba CoOperator - Jan. '08) Dear Editor, Regarding your recent story about the demise of the strawboard plant at Elie; my heart sinks every time I drive by that site. It is a testament to the failure of so many things that society ought to be supporting; not relegating to the garbage dump. Instead of being dismantled and sold to the highest bidder, the plant could still be up and running, diverting waste straw into a valuable building product. Rather than being gutted, it could still be providing a market for farmers to sell what is an otherwise useless, not to mention dangerous product. Instead, we can look forward to a future where irresponsible farmers continue to burn their stubble with impunity. In the process, people unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place, including kids with as