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Media Commentators. Responsible Citizens, or Junk Scientists?

Dear Editor, Are our "opinion-leaders" doing their jobs? Or, are they letting us down? I will defend to the death the right of media commentators to speak their minds on any issue. But what if those opinions are based on fairy tales rather than facts? When addressing global warming, for example, are they seeking out the best evidence on which to craft their editorials? Or are they simply being contrary, making their pronouncements based on nothing more than junk science or personal bias? One doesn't have to look very far for media diatribes that label environmentalists as troublemakers or even "wackos." According to these "opinion-leaders," those who drive hybrid cars or buy carbon offsets when they travel are wasting their time. And lawmakers who clamp down on idling vehicles, are Communists! They would have us believe that either global warming isn't happening at all, or is being caused by just about anything other than human activity. So what i