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Breaking News from Environmental Defense: (Photo courtesy Environmental Defense) Extensive testing by Health Canada scientists has revealed that bisphenol A(BPA), the infamous hormone-mimicking chemical banned from baby bottles in Canada and placed on the Federal List of Toxic Substances late last year, has been detected at significant levels in soft drinks. The study, published in the January issue of the Journal of Agriculture & Food Chemistry' analyzed BPA levels in 72 samples of canned drinks. (Click on headline to read full story.)

It's Global Warming, Stupid!

- by Larry Powell (Please note update at the bottom.) 1997 Red River flood turned St. Adolphe into an island So I hear another flood "of biblical proportions" could be headed Manitoba way! A swollen Red River already has officials in North Dakota and even our province on high alert. Word is this one could be as bad or even worse, (if that's possible) than the one in '97 that brought tragedy and grief to both farms and small towns in the flood plain. They called the one back then "the worst of the century," following what had been "the worst blizzard of all-time." (Or was it the other way around?) Whichever the case, it makes me feel like screaming, "It's climate change, stupid!" What is it going to take for you politicians and you, "average Joes" to wake up from your stupor and see the light? (That industry and big polluting corporations do nothing, is no surprise. I expect better of you.) As you watch g