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Manitoba's Minister of Conservation and the Clean Environment Commission Muzzle the Voice of the People ... Democracy is Not Being Served!

Press Release - Concerned Citizens of the Valley. NDP Conservation Minister Stan Struthers and the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission (CEC) have agreed to restrict the ability of the public to ask questions and cross examine the government and the Louisiana Pacific Corporation at the upcoming CEC investigation into the "LP's" plant at Minnitonis, Manitoba (Photo by Larry) shutting down of the pollution controls at the company's OSB mill in the Swan River Valley. The Terms of Reference from the Minister to the CEC called for an investigation and a public meeting. This process would allow the CEC panel members to question or cross examine any presenters, such as the government or LP consultants, but it would not allow the public to do this. Further, it is not known whether the public can bring forward as presenters their expert, knowledgeable spokespersons to identify the many contradictions and perceptual screens that confuse the whole issue. The government