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Help Save the Earth, Time to Subsitute Hemp for Oil

By Dara Colwell, AlterNet. Jn. 18, 2009. Every man-made fiber we wear, sit on, cook with, drive in, is a by-product of the petroleum industry -- all of which could be replaced by hemp . Hemp photo by L.P.

Machinery Accident Kills Farm Advocate Paul Beingessner

June 26, 2009 - CBC A farm accident in southern Saskatchewan has claimed the life of Paul Beingessner, known as a passionate advocate for farmers... Please also Read related story here. Read Paul's articles on the blog, "The View From Out Here"

Slowdown in Once-Booming Organics Troubles Farmers

Jun 26,'09 By RICK CALLAHAN Associated Press Writer The organic dairy industry was thriving when Allen and Jean Moody bought a 200-acre Wisconsin dairy farm in 2006 and joined the ranks of farmers churning out milk raised without growth hormones, pesticides or other chemicals. Click on headline for full story.

Green Pitch Ironic After Railways Shut Lines

Winnipeg Free Press - PRINT EDITION By: Laura Rance - 20/06/2009 Given the last 40 years of Prairie history, it was a bit ironic for the Railway of Association of Canada to come up with a rail freight greenhouse-gas calculator a while back to help promote the efficiencies of moving stuff by rail. Click headline for full story. An abandon railway bridge in Ontario - photo courtesy of The Paisley Advocate

Consumer Demand Spurs a Corporate Sea Change

June 26, 2009 - Dr David Suzuki and Dave Robert Taylor Protecting our planet is no longer seen as a fringe activity. Most people now consider themselves to be environmentally aware and are taking steps to help. Caring for the environment has become mainstream – it’s the “new normal”. And that’s refreshing! Click on headline for full story.

Many Farmers Don't Want GM Wheat

By Rod Nickel - Reuters news service SASKATOON, Saskatchewan (Reuters) - Canadian farmers oppose the introduction of genetically modified wheat until market conditions change, a Canadian Wheat Board survey has found. Click on headline for full story.