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More Reaction to; "To Graze or not to Graze...."

"I have no problem with cattle grazing in riparian areas. However, I do have a problem with cattle pooping in riparian areas. The “expert” opinions which are now giving tacit approval to contaminating water with cow pies are defying the fundamental science of eutrophication. This is mildly Orwellian. One wonders how the vegetation in riparian zones actually survived and flourished before the introduction of cattle to Canada. " C. Hugh Arklie (Who is Hugh Arklie?) "I am a chartered accountant now working in the philanthropic sector. I am in my final year of an Environmental Studies degree program at the U of Winnipeg. For many years I have observed and participated in local environmental issues. One of my biggest frustrations is how the public service serves industry more and more, and the public less and less. "Otherwise I am just a private citizen acting on my own when I feel compelled to point out that the Emperor is sometimes naked. This is the case wi

A Fight for the Amazon That Should Inspire the World

Johann Hari: The Independent - UK - The uprising In the Amazon is more urgent than Iran's - it will determine the future of the planet. Click on headline for more.