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EPA Approves California Pollution Rule

Published on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 by The Associated Press by H. Josef Herbert WASHINGTON (AP) - The Environmental Protection Agency gave the go-ahead Tuesday for California to impose stringent regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles, setting the stage for a national requirement expected to mirror the state's effort. Click on headline for full story.

STILL More Reaction to "To Graze or not to Graze!"

"I've seen riparian areas managed well where cattle are allowed in for brief periods, usually during the late fall and winter months. They can graze the tall grasses and do a bit of breaking up of soil (but not too much) that can help seeds germinate for greater biodiversity. But the rest of the year they were excluded from the riparian area - it is too sensitive, and cattle can easily overwhelm the ecosystem due to their size and numbers and tendency to congregate where access to water is easiest. "As a general policy, exclusion may well be the best course, as it can be quite difficult to assess all the factors that need to be considered to do a proper job of managing short-term seasonal grazing in riparian areas. In other words, err on the side of caution." Cathy Holtslander - Beyond Factory Farming. "BFF" is a national organization promoting socially responsible livestock production in Canada. Cathy has been involved in environmental advocacy with a

Most Provinces Fail on Provision of Environmental Rights

Ottawa - June 4, 2009 "Friends of the Earth Canada" releases First Annual Score Card on Environmental Rights. (Alberta fails, Manitoba gets a dubious "C.") Click headline for full report. Alberta's tar sands