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No Safety Assessment of GE Corn by Health Canada

[cban e-News] - Wednesday, July 29, 2009 Today CBAN revealed (see below press release) that Health Canada has not conducted a food safety assessment for Monsanto's... Click headline to read. Editor's note - once again our "guardians" of public health & safety demonstrate their criminal negligence. How do they sleep at night? l.p.

The Flathead Valley - Worthy of World Recognition

FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2009 For over three years, Ecojustice has been assisting a coalition of 11 groups seeking to protect.... Read full story by clicking headline.

No More Free Pass for the Mining Industry

ecojusticecanada Canadians finally have the right to know whether mines are threatening their water with arsenic, mercury & other dangerous pollutants! All mines - including mines & Alberta's tarsands - must now tell Canadians about the pollution they cause, thanks to a lawsuit by Ecojustice on behalf of MiningWatch & Great Lakes United. The free "reveal-nothing" pass these industries enjoyed is finally over, & citizens will now have a powerful tool to hold mining companies accountable. "This is an incredible win that empowers people in every corner of the country," says lawyer Marlene Cachin. "Knowing where pollution occurs is absolutely key in planning for possible mining & tailings pond disasters. Without it, decision-makers, along with those who will suffer the consequences of these incidents, are left in the dark." When information is published later this year, the public can learn exactly which chemicals are being left