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Wait, We Just Bombed the Moon?

Posted by Tara Lohan, AlterNet October 9, 2009. Doesn't anyone else in the universe get a say in this?

Era of Cheap, Easy Oil is Over, Warns Study

By Louise Gray , Environment Correspondent - the Telegraph - UK Published:08 Oct 2009 The world could start to run out of oil in the next ten years, sparking soaring ...

Grassy Narrows’ Legal Challenge to Clearcut Logging Begins

Monday October 5, 2009 - For Immediate Release: Toronto, ON –The Ontario Superior Court began hearing evidence this week in Grassy Narrows’ case against logging on its traditional lands. Grassy Narrows is challenging Ontario’s right to approve industrial logging that interferes with its constitutionally guaranteed treaty rights. The Grassy Narrows trappers have been in the courts for close to a decade fighting to protect Treaty 3, which was signed by the Government of Canada in 1873. The trial is expected to last approximately 75 days. “We have never given our consent to clearcut logging, and we have never given up our right to live off this land, but the government and the corporations choose to ignore this,” said Grassy Narrows representative Joseph Fobister. “The logging is destroying a way of life for our people, and we cannot allow that.” In her decision to award costs in advance of trial, Madam Justice Spies wrote “I have no difficulty in concluding that the treaty in