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Millions Will Starve as Rich Nations Cut Food Aid Funding, Warns UN

The Guardian - UK - Oct.10-'09 Aid agencies fear global disaster as support for World Food Programme hits 20-year low... ===== EDITOR'S NOTE: At the same time the US was pledging billions to bail out rich banks & financiers on Wall Street, it was cutting back on its pledge to the World Food Program by almost $1B! Ironic, isn't it? Especially considering one of the counties to be hardest hit by such stinginess will be President Obama's ancentral home, Kenya! l.p.

Climate Change Will Hit Tropical Fisheries the Hardest

ScienceDaily (Oct. 11, 2009) © QT Luong/ Major shifts in fisheries distribution due to climate change will affect...

Eat This Recession!

7 October, 2009 Sneak preview of Wayne Roberts' controversial article from Alternatives' new issue... The terms “shovel-ready” and “kick start” tell us that politicians turned to pre-ecological...