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Dickstone South Road License Upheld: Struthers

Manitoba News Release .......................... October 16, 2009 Artist: Mary Jane Eichler An Environment Act licence to construct and operate a temporary road to allow Tolko Industries to access potential timber harvesting areas north of Grass River Provincial Park will be upheld, Conservation Minister Stan Struthers announced today. In August, the Dickstone Road was granted a licence under the Environment Act but the decision was appealed on the grounds it threatened woodland caribou habitat. The licence was issued following an extensive technical and public review of potential environmental impacts including impacts to woodland caribou herds. Several licence terms and conditions were included to ensure environmental protection including requirements to monitor and protect against impacts to caribou, said Struthers. "We take protection of caribou habitat very seriously," said the minister. "That's why we have placed strict environmental conditions on the

Manitoba Brings in New Rules Governing Livestock Waste

Winnipeg Free Press - By: Staff Writer - 16/10/2009 l.p. Photo WINNIPEG - The province announced today that it is implementing new rules for livestock waste, in the wake of heated...

BC Funds Reduced-Pesticide Use Research Facilities

MB Co-Operator - Oc.15-'09 State-of-the-art labs for research into ways to reduce pesticide use will open Fri....