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Poisoning Nature's Pollinators

Please visit the Sasquatch, Saskatchewan's newest alternative magazine, for my latest update on declining world populations of honeybees and the shadowy role which giant makers of agri-chemicals are playing in this tragedy. As usual, your comments are welcomed! - the saskquatch news with a bite - Honeybee hive - (Note queen in upper left) l.p. PinP photo Author Larry Powell has been researching and writing about these important and endangered pollinators for some time. Check the Sasquatch link, not just for this but other stories critical to the future of our Prairie region. ======= Author's note: Few things smack of collusion between government "regulators," politicians and the agrochemical industry more than the honeybee debacle. While we know what these poison products are doing to the bees, they continue to be used. The message seems to be, we must solve every last facet of the CCD mystery before anything can be done. It's a bit like saying, &