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Canada Must do More to Confront Climate Crisis - Science Matters

R. Turgano on December 4, 2009

By David Suzuki with Faisal Moola.

People who deny the reality of human-caused global warming are wetting their...

Larry's Letter to the Free Press Re;"ClimateGate"

Dear Editor - I must say I wasn't surprised when I read "The View from the West" recently, called "Climate Skeptics Turn up the Heat;" especially considering where it came from. It came from Ken Green, a "scholar" from that oh-so-scientific body, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).
In it, he predictably jumped on the "ClimateGate" bandwagon, harrumphing about how the science supporting human-caused global warming has now been tainted by the leaking of those memos from the climate centre in East Anglia, UK. Apparently we are now all supposed to turn our backs on the massive body of knowledge amassed by the world-renowned climatologists, meteorologists and glaciologists of the International Panel on Climate Change, and embrace the message of the AEI instead!
Considering the Institute was founded on a partnership of top executives of leading business and financial firms, just what do you suppose that message might be; That we should turn away from dirty energy sources such as coal and tar sands and embrace cleaner, greener alternatives? Ya think?
I sincerely hope that readers realize that Mr. Green works for the same outfit as David Frum, once a right-hand-man to the climate criminal, George Bush and Newt Gingrich, ex-Republican Speaker of the House of Representative and now an "analyst" for Fox News. Given that context, I hope you'll give the newspaper column in question the consideration it so richly deserves.

Larry Powell
Roblin MB

Warm Weather Puts Winter 'Lifeline' for Northern Manitoba Communities at Risk

Chinta Puxley, CP - 6/12/2009
WINNIPEG - The cost of everything from milk to gas in northern..
(Ed's. note: This wouldn't be climate change would it? Naaah! That's just bunk!)

(Ice Road photo courtesy
of Google Images.)

UN Hits Back at Climate Skeptics

BBC News 5 - Dec 2009

The UN's official panel on climate change has hit back...

Popular Herbicide Affects Sexual Development in Frogs, Research Finds

ScienceDaily (Dec. 5, 2009) — The controversy surrounding the unintended effects of...

At least 80 million children under one are at risk of diseases such as diphtheria, measles and polio as COVID-19 disrupts routine vaccination efforts

World Health Organization A WHO photo. Agencies call for joint effort to safely deliver routine immunization and proceed with vacci...