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Pesticides Worsening the Honey Bee Crisis

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Ottawa - Sierra Club Canada is calling on the Canadian Government…


Editor's note: Were they listening? On Dec. 30-'09, I sent the message below to the Sierra
Club. Today, they issue a release, calling for action! While it may not be the kind of action I had asked for, you won't hear me complaining. An immovable object like our federal government needs all the persuasion which can be mustered from any and all quarters! Yaaaaay Sierra! l.p.

Larry Powell
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Dear Greenpeace/Sierra Club,

I am passing on the news release, below.

Might there be a chance for a similar lawsuit in Canada to succeed?

I know that groups such as Eco-Justice and Environmental Defense sometimes take on such things, on behalf of groups such as yours.

Many thanks for your consideration.

Have a green day!
Larry Powell
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Contact: Josh Mogerman

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