Monday, 5 April 2010

Our Obsession With Stuff Is Trashing the Planet, Our Communities and Our Health

Free Press, Simon & Schuster / By Annie Leonard / Apr 4 - '10
A dump in Alaska. National Geographic.

The White House Egg Roll v. Gulag Ag

CounterPunch Diary - By ALEXANDER COCKBURN - Apr 4 '10

Editor's note: More death by fire at a factory farm. l.p.

Grounded Ship: 3km Oil Spill on Great Barrier Reef

The Sydney Morning Herald - MARISSA CALLIGEROS - Ap 4 '10

Editor's note: The slow death of our planet continues. l.p.

Agriculture replaces fossil fuels as largest human source of sulfur to the environment

PHYS ORG A PinP photo. Historically, coal-fired power plants were the largest source of reactive sulfur, a component of acid rain, ...