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News Release Bill C-474

Dear Friend, Thank you very much for your support of my Private Members Bill (PMB), C-474 - An Act respecting seeds regulations (analysis of potential harm). I have taken the liberty of providing you with my news release on this issue. Sincerely, Alex Atamanenko, MP BC Southern Interior NDP Agriculture critic FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE APRIL 15, 2010 HISTORIC NDP GMO Bill PASSES CRUCIAL VOTE Law would protect farmers by ensuring export markets are considered before GMO approval OTTAWA – A private members bill to protect farmers by calling for an analysis of potential harm to export markets prior to approving new genetically engineered seeds has passed second reading in the House of Commons. Bill C-474, proposed by New Democrat Agriculture Critic Alex Atamanenko (BC-Southern Interior), will move to committee for further study. “Despite intense lobbying efforts by the biotech industry and the Conservat