Saturday, 1 May 2010

Want to Prevent Oil Spill Disasters? Stop Driving!

AlterNet / By Jason Henderson-Apr 30-2010

A submerged oil well is spewing...

BC’s Minister Announces Sacred Headwaters Moratorium to 2012

April 29 2010 » Media Releases » Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition Special Hazelton, BC:

A permanent ban...

Debate Rages Over Effect of GM-Seed Bill

By: Laura Rance-1/05/2010 - Winnipeg Free Press

May protect a few farmers or hurt many

Canadian ice caps disappear, confirming 2017 scientific prediction

PHYS ORG The white patch in the lower left and dark spot in the upper right were all that remained of two, once-mighty glaciers in the regio...