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The Great Debate Over Air Quality in the Swan Valley Reaches a Climax

by Larry Powell (This story also appears in the current issue of Canadian Dimension magazine.) Bill Blaikie is about to go through a bit of a “baptism by fire” as Manitoba's new Minister of Conservation. He will soon need to decide whether to order Louisiana Pacific Canada Ltd. (LP) to restart the pollution control devices it shut down at its wood products plant near Minitonas , in the Swan Valley over a year ago. If he does that, he will be throwing down the gauntlet to LP to make good on its threat to shut the whole plant down, dealing a body blow to the local economy. Or he could grant the corporation’s request for a permanent decommissioning of the devices. If he does that, it could mean more harmful industrial pollutants will continue to be released into the atmosphere than at any time since the plant opened, with the controls operating, in 1996. Not only that, he would almost certainly incur the renewed wrath of individual citizens and environmental groups who

Mother Earth Can Live Without Us, But We Cannot Live Without Her

Posted by Judy Rebick on April 26th 2010 We, the Indigenous Peoples, nations and...