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Leaked Copy of the Boreal Forest Agreement

----- Original Message ----- From: Clayton Thomas-Muller FYI.... Please distribute widely! 39 page agreement marked "Confidential" available for download (Please note pages 38-39) by Vancouver Media Co-op The Vancouver Media Co-op has received a leaked copy of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, which was announced yesterday in Toronto . Click here to download the 39 page agreement , which is marked "confidential." Note that the attachment does not include "schedules" including maps. We'll post it as soon as it becomes available. Here is IEN on APTN National News last night responding to Agreenment: Another story Re: the 'Boreal Forest Agreement': -- Join the IEN Newsletter!

Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Now at Record Levels - WHO

18 MARCH 2010 | GENEVA | WASHINGTON DC In some areas….