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More on Boreal Forest Agreement

Response from Canadian Boreal Initiative Re: My Concerns about the 'Boreal Forest Agreement' (Peter Miller) Clearcutting in the Duck Mtn. by Mary Jane Eichler FOLKS, FOR THOSE FOLLOWING THE RECENT BOREAL FOREST AGREEMENT, HERE IS AN EXCHANGE BETWEEN LARRY INNES OF THE CANADIAN BOREAL INITIATIVE AND JOHN HUMMEL. THANKS TO BOTH FOR THIS POSTING. Dear Larry, Thanks for writing back regarding some of my concerns regarding this agreement. I will share your response with others who have similar concerns. I did include a link to the leaked version of the agreement in my email to everyone so they would have an opportunity to see everything in context and make their own judgment. As you may be aware, there is now a longer version of the agreement now on the internet at: Since this agreement has implications for all Canadians and Indigenous Nations, I was surprised that none of the signatories to