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Amazing CBC Podcast on Oil Spills

EDITOR: If you didn't catch this interview when it aired on CBC Radio's "Sunday Edition" on May 30th, please listen to the podcast. It's an amazing and damning indictment of oil companies in their handling of oil spills by an obviously well-informed and dedicated individual. Just click on the link, below. l.p. Guest host Helen Mann; 

Hour One: Life After an Environmental Disaster - What Can the People of Louisianna Learn from the Exxon Valdez? - Riki Ott heard about the BP rig and headed straight for the Louisiana coast. She's a marine toxicologist and an environmental activist. And she wanted to share her experience and expertise with those who live and work on that coast, and provide some advice on the challenges they face. In our first hour, Dr. Riki Ott will also tell us those things. Click here, then follow the links.