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One Year After Ontario Ban: Over 80% Decline of Most Common Pesticides in Surface Waters

Christine Lepisto Berlin - treehugger In April 2009, it became...

Pesticide Ban a Big Win for Italian Honey Bees

By Larry Powell -  If you enjoy this blog, please consider  donating to the author to keep it going.  Just click on the link below . Thanks! - Larry                                                                                                        ROBLIN, MB Jul 8 -2010 I began worrying the other day about my last story on this topic "Are Pesticide Regulators on the Take?". Bee photo by l.p. In it I raised some hard questions about the behaviour of those who are supposed to protect you, me and our environment from harmful pesticides in Canada. A mounting body of evidence shows several such products are killing valuable pollinating insects like bees, essential to the production of many of our food crops. Their populations are crashing alarmingly in many regions of the world, including Canada. Yet our politicians and "regulators" party on, allowing bee-killing poisons to continue in heavy use, as if none of this was going on. Still, I worried, h

Ag Input Sales Slump Due to Heavy Rains on Prairies

Manitoba Co-Operator - Staff - 7/8/2010 New estimates show... EDITOR'S NOTE: Climate change? Naah! That's just hooey! l.p. Big farm rig. l.p. photo